Roundup Spare Change into Bitcoin/crypto... to include BAT!

Hi all… just wanted to say we are really enjoying Brave browser and are so happy to have joined the community as verified creators.

It’s like the Acorns app for Digital Assets… we roundup into many cryptos, BAT included!

Would love to get the communities feedback!

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Hey @RoundlyX! Great to have you here. :slight_smile:

What inspired you make RoundlyX?

Hi Dan… a few reasons but most notably:

  1. Too many people getting burned by volatility (when investing this is a good tool to manage your exposure by averaging in over time).
  2. Mass adoption… providing easy to use platforms is key (crypto UX needs some improvement)
  3. So much bad info in the space… we curate and aggregate quality content and services
  4. Most people have multiple exchange accounts… we allow users to safely manage them all from one dashboard

…ultimately to use the networks people will need to be accumulating the associated digital assets…rounding up your spare change into digital assets when making everyday purchases is a great way to do that.

We’d love to work directly with Brave on BAT adoption. Is there anyone we can reach out to?

@RoundlyX You can reach out to me directly, send a PM!

I’d love something like this in the Eurozone, specifically in Ireland. Regular investment in crypto isn’t a realistic option for me (mortgage, child care etc.) and yet I’d like some way of keeping actively investing in cryptocurrencies.

Revolut, which is a popular prepaid debit card in parts of Europe, offers a similar service rounding service for fiat currencies. They also offer users the opportunity to invest in cryptocurriencies and shares so I suppose you could manually take the rounded money and invest this in crypto or shares. However, all of this is all locked into their eco-system and they offer their own rates on crypto and ultimately they retain ownership of the cryptocurrencies and (I presume) the shares. Still, the idea of macro investments is interesting, especially if you could choose to invest in a cryptocurrency like Tezos which has the potential of earning a return.

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