Rewards disappear


I’m using the Nightly build in Brazil, the Brave Rewards are working and I seeing notifications. Couple of days ago I had 2.4 BAT from this to be received this month. Turns out that those BAT vanished, I can see all the ADs that had been displayed to me, but the rewards no. The Wallet is verified at Uphold, but the rewards aren’t there either.

Another thing is that I have a website verified as a Brave Publisher, and I have sent 4.5 BAT as a Tip to it. And I have seem the BAT there but didn’t withdraw at the time, today I logged at Uphold to see that those BATs had vanished.

What is going on here? This is pretty bad!

Edit: I want to give some feedback on this. Why you guys are generating the Wallet? If this is really needed them two things:

  1. Provide the Public and Private Key to the User. That way the user can trace what happened to funds going in and out the Wallet
  2. Provide at the very least a resume of the Wallet transactions

As I understand you guys are running this token on the Ethereum blockchain. I think the best approach here is to not ever know the Private Key. So I think the that for the best transparency, the user should be asked to Generate a ETH wallet at MyEtherWallet or something of the like AND provide a PUBLIC ADDRESS to the Brave Browser. Just my 2 cents. If you hold the Private Key you are not so cool anymore.

Edit2: Just received 1.95 BAT in the Uphold Account.

Edit3: This is a deal breaker for me, if I can’t control the private key, there is zero confidence on the feature. I think that the premise of Blockchain is ‘zero-trust’, in this configuration that can’t be reached.

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Hi is best suited to help with troubleshooting BAT / Wallet questions. Can you please post your issue there?

This may be an appropriate category:

Thank you!

I see, I will do that.