Rewards and Sync problem on iOS

Hi, I have the latest version of iOS, I have two problems.

  1. When I try to sync with the desktop browser, I try to scan the QR but the camera opens only Safari. In any case, Brave never appears in the available browsers when I have to open a link.

  2. I can’t access the Rewards page, there’s no entry in the settings and if i try use a direct link a Google page it’s open.

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Hi @MarcooRo, we do not offer technical support in this forum for the Brave browser. Please head to where we have support staff available to help you! Thank you.

Thank you @Dan, I did but after a couple of days no one has answered me yet, so I tried to put it here too. Anyway I will wait.

@MarcooRo Please let me know in a few days if you have not heard back and I’ll see if I can get someone on it for you.

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