Regarding Regional Leader Recruitment

Dear Brave management (and everyone else reading this!),

I’ve been using Brave basically ever since it came out, and never looked back. In all honesty, it’s an absolutely amazing concept with incredible amounts of potential, and I definitely see it becoming a big thing in the future.

However, that last sentence made a pretty large assumption. One would assume that any small enterprise with a promising product or service will someday gain sufficient traction and attention to become a large and thriving business, but this is not always the case. Every single day, over 120,000 businesses and start-ups are born, but despite some of their “promising” and “potential” ideas, very few actually reach a later stage of development, due to the lack of attention and advertising.

Now linking this back to Brave, I really feel like it has incredible potential, but if the word doesn’t get out about it, it will never gain enough traction to become a thing. Now to be fair, we definitely are on the right track, but we could be doing so much better. Most emerging companies’ main problem is that they don’t have any significantly large system to help them spread the word about their ideas, and so they are forced to invest heavily in advertising to get noticed within all of the competition, which is often difficult for these small emerging start-ups. But Brave is completely different! You guys have literally dozens of new users every. single. week. that are super hyped about the project and volunteer to spread the world, and yet nobody pays attention to them. That’s basically what every start-up dreams about, and yet you guys are dismissing it, only posting an answer on the thread mabye once a month and then no longer giving any directions to your fellow volunteers. These people are what you need to grow into something larger and to get know across the globe, and, on top of that, they’re offering to do it completely for free!
So please do try to pay slightly more attention to our fellow Brave users and try to create a better way for them to organize meet-ups and track progress. Even though we know you guys are probably doing some important stuff regarding Brave, please do consider their importance regarding its expansion and advertising, because no matter how amazing the browser becomes, if not many people know about it, it will not really serve a purpose :wink:.


We’ve reconceptualized the Regional Leader program and will be releasing a new update to it in a few weeks. This update will involve new requirements and criteria to become a regional leader in order to ensure higher degrees of engagement and commitment (e.g., one must be active in the BAT community for x amount of time, have a history of quality contribution, etc.). Of course, with these new, more structured criteria will come greater recognition for the RL role.

We have some consistent RLs and we continue to work with them (see event history). However, in the past, our criteria was a little too relaxed, which led to high dropoff rates. Many people would get excited about the role, but then disappear shortly thereafter. So, with the new refreshed, more structured RL program, we will have more solid RLs, and be able to work with them more closely.



Thank you Chriscat for replying!
That’s basically all I wanted to hear. I appreciate you guys reworking the RL requirements and assignments into something more organized, as it us true this needed some polishing. Keep us informed!

Thanks again!

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Looking forward to the update!


Hello from Brisbane Australia. I’d be happy to host Brave Regional Meet Ups as often as there is demand in Brisbane. I am new to Brave is there a set format on how these meet ups are run? Please let me know.

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We are rebooting this at the moment, keep an eye on the forums for more info @Jolie8!

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Hi Dan @Dan
waiting for new update from RLs program.

From Vietnam with love ^^

Still working on requirements @franknguyen!


This is awesome. I just got notified about the community and I’m already itching to help out within my capacity

I was using brave for a while but then saw this opportunity to become regional leader so i registered to be able to join. Would love to be a regional leader once I’m qualified