Recovering Google fanboy here!

Ohhh, Brave. How much do I love you, let me count thy ways. . .

Hiya, everybody. Recovering Google fanboy here! Been using Chrome since it was in beta, well over a decade, if I had to guess. Could never find anything that stuck, but finally made the jump at the start of this calendar year and no plans on going back. Using it across Windows and Linux desktops, as well as various Android devices.

Couple Brave with some basic DNS blacklisting and my own little recursive DNS server(s) in-house and my security and privacy experience is light-years ahead of where it used to be with basic Chrome and /

If anyone is looking to improve their overall web experience at home, or a small office, if highly recommend using Steve Gibson’s tool to perform some benchmarks:

Thanks, BAT/Brave community! Great to be here.