Receive funds from a service other than Uphold

Hi everyone and excuse me again if I don’t write English well, since I’m Italian.
I am experiencing a lot of technical problems with Uphold and I also use other online services to receive cryptocurrencies, such as Coinbase.
I tell you frankly … of Uphold I do not do anything about it, it is a service that, frankly speaking, I do not like even a little and I think it is not even managed well.
I have requested support several times from Uphold’s staff but they often pretend not to know anything and in any case inconclusive answers are obtained from their assistance center.
So I thought … why not provide alternative solutions to receive payments from Brave Rewards?
Thank you all for your attention.

Hi @LionheartV80, there are other options being worked on for this, such as a separate wallet with a KYC option.