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I’m very happy to see Brave finally make 1.0! Congratulations!


This is great @willpate! Just sent you a tip.

What was the motivation to start this site? And, how do you find people to submit to it?

Thank you, @Dan! Much appreciated!

I started it a couple of years ago – I was bored and unhappy with the print media offerings in San Antonio, where I was briefly residing at the time. Apparently, I’m not the only one. I started out just emailing writers I liked and posting calls for submission in various places. Once a small group started submitting, it sorta snowballed. Add in Submittable and there are endless poets seeking publication. :slight_smile:

I don’t live in SA anymore, but no one has offered to take over the work and cost of running the site and print editions. So, I’ve kept it going out of respect for those we’ve published and who continue to submit.

Thank you again!


This is great @willpate, I love the hustle here and how you built it.

Just an idea, but maybe you could help support your site by introducing your readers/submitters to the Brave browser using the referral program? If they keep using it over 30 days, you’ll get a referral bonus, plus if they continue to use it on your site, you’ll get BAT sent to you for time-on-site.

Ever hear of Just ran across it tonight. You can use something like this to do a digital version of your publication. Not sure if that’s helpful, but any way you can pay the bills with this, the better.