RAM Chrome x Brave

How to solve it?

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That’s interesting. Can you duplicate that each time with the same two sites, @syd? What if you just open one page, or the other on their own?

Broke tour CPU hahaha

Ok. This time I turn on my PC and open both browsers at the same time
Open the same page
The difference still impressive

This is interesting and not sure what the two differences are between the browsers, especially if it’s the same exact page. Perhaps you want to post this on community.brave.com to the technical support staff can take a look? I think they may find this interesting!

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Consider also though that you’re likely utilizing Brave extensively vs. Chrome which will of course contribute somewhat to RAM consumption. It is interesting to see this result for Windows versions as on Android devices you’ll see the opposite!

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I agree, you have a point there @Cryptodonis. :blush: