Questions about rewards

Rewards summary for january will be given when? I’m a bit confused. I got January rewards from Ads earnings and monthly tips? What are monthly tips? Where did it come from? Why is it there’s January rewards summary but there’s also pending rewards from brave rewards tab?

Can you share a screenshot about your question?

I want to give BAT to this site but i am unable to do it. i have 0.40 BAT in my account. Can you tell me plz.

First, please see articles here and let me know of it’s still unclear.

You may need to have at least 1BAT before you can give a tip. The minimum tip you can give is 1BAT

I understand about the basics. What seems to confuse me is when I tap the Triangle/BAT token icon/button (rewards icon) beside the lion (brave icon), it shows january rewards summar:
Earnings from ads
23.9 BAT
Monthly Tips
But when I tap my wallet it shows different
Earning from ads
Monthly Tips

Why does it say negative 24 on the wallet then on the rewards tab (BAT Token icon) it shows 24?

And also, Has the rewards for Dec-Jan has been given? Because there’s no update on my email and my uphold account. I thought it’s given every 5th of the month.