Question: Why Do Twitter Ads Render Like They Do?

I recently decided to commit to using only the Brave browser for 30 days. A month later, Brave is now my default on desktop and I look forward to iOS giving the mobile browser the respect it deserves at some point.

Anyway, I was wondering why Twitter’s promoted posts (see image above) display like they do.

Much like everyone, I usually avoid ads, but sometimes, an advertiser gets it right. New York Times does a pretty good job with targeting their stories to me. Is there a way we can tweak Twitter or Brave such that one can click on a promoted Twitter post if they want?

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And just like that, I find a promoted Twitter post that allows me to see content:

Granted, this is a native video that is playing. I’m gathering this only affect link shares. What’s problematic about those?

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Hey @Hubert, I’m not sure if I’m seeing this. Did you run into this any more?

I’ve experienced this every day since I’ve started using the browser. It’s still happening.