Question about Coin Base

So… if you search for Coin Base, there’s this site that is, seemingly, giving crypto for free, for example, you can earn 125 US dollars of Stellar Lumens, and of course, it’s asking for registration.

Now… I usually don’t trust such stuff (giving lots of money in exchange of you basically viewing videos), but a quick search on internet does not give any hints of what is going on…

so… two questions.

a) it’s a scam?

b) if it’s not a scam, can I take those “free” coins into my uphold account?


That website is probably a scam. Coinbase does give you video tutorials on new coins that come out and they reward you after you pass a quiz at the end of each video with a few of that particular token, but it is not a huge amount of tokens.


Hard to know if it’s a scam without the link. Here are 2 valid links to earn legit money from Coinbase.


have you tried out yourself? can you take those earnings to your uphold account?

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Yes, I’ve done it and you can transfer the crypto to any wallet that you want. Personally not a fan of uphold, I think it’s very limited. Trust or Metamask are the best and I have about 50 wallets.



I use Coinbase for 2 years now and used the “Coinbase Earn” module and earned around $100.
You can send these token to uphold, but I find Coinbase more userfriendly and trustworthy than uphold, so personnaly my BAT are holded in Coinbase.

As referral is also a good way to earn with Coinbase is my referral link.

If it infringe any of this website rule, please remove the link and notify me.



I used coinbase since 2018 and I participated in “Coinbase earn”. It explains you about particular cryptos rewarding you with some tokens… so nothing strange. It is trustable. It works. And yes is kind of worthed, I mean, is free money.


i have made 100 $ worth of coin from CoinBase is not huge but is free


Hello @morf,
It’s not a scam and you can send your crypto earned to any wallet.
The only thing is that fees are so high in Coinbase and maybe sending to another wallet I snot the best option but if you don’t care to pay for every transfer, it’s OK.

thanks for all the answers… I might give it a try

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So… I registered, and sent my docs, but if you come from a thirld world country (like myself in Mexico), you won’t be able to gain a thing:

I’m just adding this image, because I think is just a huge lack of information. These guys just want you to invest on their site(surprise, surprise), and fail to notify that you won’t be able to earn crypto if you are not from one of the allowed countries.

Why not just keep it in Coinbase account? Is Uphold good anyway?

No. Coin Base is no scam…
I Hove Coin Base top and I got the free money
161 usd in different currency’s.
All you have to do is copy this link and paste it in your browser…

You have to do a quiz which is very easy.T…he answers you find in discription of the video…
CoinBase let earn you this amount by doing the quiz and learn you how to make money with different crypto Currency.
Defently NO SCAM !!!

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