- US Public Companies Visualization

Hi All,

Like most Brave verified publishers, I’m struggling to finance / monetize my project, so I thought I’d share it on this subreddit for anyone who might get value from it. I’ve shared the link to the project in the post title.

It’s essentially a web app that visualizes all the publicly traded companies with US headquarters. It includes data such as who their external auditors are, what sector & industry they belong in, as well as financial metrics such as revenue, total assets, and net income. You can filter on any of the aforementioned data points using the left side panel. The bubbles are pinned to where these companies are headquartered and the size of the bubble is based on the latest FY revenue of the companies.

Thought it might be a useful resource for anyone interested in public accounting, looking for a job in a new metro area, or just curious about what the local economy looks like. Hate to digitally panhandle haha, but any tips would be appreciated!