Problems with SYNC

I´m having problems with sync my PC with and iOS and other PC, i see the 3 devices but i don´t see a real synchronization, it´s like a 3 different acounts…someone have the same issue?


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Hey, @MaxiVique,
I guess you are not aware how sync in Brave works. When you go to the settings of sync, you can check what options are available. The only thing available for now are bookmarks, so the rest is not synced. It will change in the future, when new features will be available.


Hi @MaxiVique,

Please see this response from our Brave Ads & Rewards Troubleshooting FAQ :slight_smile: :

(15) Can I sync my Brave Rewards wallet across my devices?

At this time, Brave Sync does not support cross-device syncing of your Brave Rewards wallet. However, here are some temporary ways you can “sync” your balances across your desktop devices:

  1. Restore the same backup recovery key in each of your desktop devices;
  2. Verify the Brave Rewards wallet in each of your desktop browsers using the same Uphold account.

Please note that this will sync your final balances, but not necessarily the rest of your Brave Rewards data on each device.

Syncing mobile devices (e.g., iOS, Android) is currently not supported. Unfortunately, there are currently no temporary sync solutions for mobile, as mobile does not yet support backup keys or Verified Wallets. These features are currently under active development and will be available in the near future.

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Syncs can only used for bookmarks. And this doesn’t work “sometimes” If the browser is installed on different PCs with different OS and/or different 32 or 64 bit sizes, then the bookmarks syncs will not work

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Yess…i see!, thanks!