Problems not showing Ads

I installed the browser 3 week ago more or less and since 1 week ago the ads doesn’t show. I tryed a lot of thing like enter to my windows 10 notifications panel to allow brave to shot it and the ads doesn’t appear.

Does somebody has any help?

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@ Nando7789 friend, I’m from Venezuela, therefore I don’t speak groin, but I hope this helps you. I get bat notifications every day. I have realized that they only come to me in a specific hour, because notifications arrive for exactly one hour, after an hour has elapsed, no more notifications arrive until the next day at the same time and as I already know the time In which notifications are activated, I am simply attentive to that time, which is exactly 9:00 pm Venezuela time!

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Did you choose how many ads you want to receive per hour?

Adnotacja 2020-04-11 205718

BTW, I have choosen 5 ads per hour and I only get one ad per day. I suppose the word “maximum” is the key here.

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I get up to more than ten daily notifications. but as I said earlier, at a specific time.

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I have installed in my work PC (Windows 10) and in a Virtual machine (windows 7) i use to work. In the first one is where i have the problem. In the virtual machine ads works fine, or better say, since 22 in my country Ads starts to show up. From the computer where i have problems i tryed removing all the extensions, compare the settings, checking the Notification settings on windows and it didn’t work.

By the other hand, As you say the configuration of the amount of Ads getting by one hour is an “up to” setting. So you can receive from 0 to 5 Ads per hour. An another thing somebody wrote too, is that, there is a cataloge of ads for your region and sometime if they run out of choices the stops sending ads.

But like i said before i compare my machines that are both in my house (and shares the internet port) and in the one with Windows 7 works and in the one with Windows 10 it doesn’t.

Thanks for your comments guys and for the ones that will come (I hope)

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Try going to and forcing a desktop notification. Afterwards, see if Ads begin to appear and/or if the browser is now listed in the

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I am in the same situation in Windows 10. Ads not showing. I tried that web but sometimes works but most of the times not.