Problem with donation to channel youtube

A few days ago I made an account of and verify it in order to be as a creator, then I made some test donations through tips but They have not reached the account and marked me the next error on the screens. As you can see if I am verified and I get the movements of the donations but when i consult it tells me the message that I make donations to an unverified creator and that the browser will continue to try to send them or until 90 days have elapsed


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@Jro.gaming1 – I think I found your channel and I’m not seeing any type of error like this. Has this been corrected? Did you setup with Uphold?

I’m still with the error, my Wallet Uphold is fine even I get a payment to my wallet for seeing ads but the 21 bat still didn’t go to my account as a donation

Hi @Jro.gaming1 – Sounds like you may need some technical support staff to help with this. Please head to We have a dedicated support team there that can help you there! If you’d like, report back when the issue is fixed and let me know what the cause was.