Problem viewing brave ads

Do you have problem with viewing ads?
So do I, and the information about this is a bit confusing.

Short info
Phone: OnePlus 7 Android.
Computer: MacBook air & Mac Mini
From: Sweden

I will list some of the problem and hopefully someone can answer them.

  1. I’ve fixed my “brave rewards settings” but it still doesn’t work. (OnePlus 7, Android)

  2. I’ve changed from 2 ads/hour > 5 ads/hour. Still haven’t viewed any ads in 7 days. (OnePlus 7, Android)

  3. I’ve turned of “do not disturb” settings on my phone. (OnePlus 7, Android)


  1. I think I read somewhere that ads will be picked depending on what Ive been browsing on brave. Maybe brave doesn’t have enough collaborations partners that fits my history??

  2. There is a hidden setting for viewing I can’t find!?

Sorry if this been listed somewhere else. Mods can gladly remove this or move it to right place.

(Pls fill up with more ads issues so I can list yours to. Remember to write which phone or computer you use to make it easier for people to help us. All answers will be added below each question/theorie.)

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Hi @Vonh, our support staff on the Brave community forum is best suited to help you with this problem as we do not offer troubleshooting here. Can you please post this there? Thank you!


Hello Dan. I’ve been looking through the support section and done everything but i still have got any ads. Im working with my computer so im using brave 10h a day. Still not one single ad. :confused:

I will post it over there but can i keep this post for other people that has similar problem as me. Maybe it can help people and get redirected to the right page. I think many people will come through this forum and it might be helpful. Thank you!

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@Vonh Depending on your country, we may not have ads running there just yet. Where are you located?

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In Sweden :stuck_out_tongue: :sweden:

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@Vonh I checked and it seems that no active campaigns are running in Sweden as of today. This could change in the future however. Keep an eye out!


Thank you @Dan !! Is there anywhere we can find this information?

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@Vonh Good question! There is no publicly available source for this information at this time.

Okej hopefully there will be a some kinde update available in the future. Thank you Dan.

Do you have any information when it will start working on Sweden?

We have three ads running in Sweden now. We are working on adding more, so be on the lookout!

Yes I saw that thank you brother. But brave browser isn’t my first alternative anymore. Brave just took my 20 BATS even if I’ve turned of the sponsor thing from first day. And the solution I’ve been given doesn’t work. And now I uninstalled and installed brave browser and the results = nothing works any longer. I can’t connect my uphold wallet and I can’t sync my phone with my old chain without creating a new “station”.