Please Let's Support Brave Creators

Hello guys,

The truth is Brave is a very nice and user friendly browser, it cares much for it users and that is one thing that has been missing on the web for a very long time.

I’m really grateful for this browser and sincerely thank the brains behind this creation, also my thanks goes to all the developers and the noble users of this Browser.

However, with the improvement and all the benefits we all are receiving on this browser, we have to remember that some websites like mine @ use advertisement to assist our content creators and also help in keeping the website active, this includes buying Web tools that enhance the performance, security and the user experience on the website.

So even though we enjoy Brave as users, that includes website owners too, but I and a whole lot of other content creators are asking for your support on the Brave browser, you can noticed a checkmark on the top right of the brave browser which shows that the website owner is in support of the Brave project and please you can tip any amount of BAT to support this content creators.

We put alot of time and resources to keep you updated in whatever ninche we do fall in and it will be of great help if you support us on the Brave browser.

If you’re a content creator or website owner on brave you can add to this and I’m grateful that y’all support this wonderful innovation.

Kind regards

Victor Tsquare


Perfectly coined bro.


Thanks Man, I sincerely appreciate❤️