Play League of Kingdoms and earn crypto in the meantime


I’m playing a very new blockchain-based game. It is called League of Kingdoms [LoK].

It goes from the gathering resources, build your army, being involved on ongoing wars, to the diplomatic issues and the economic dynamics merging with the possibility to actually own Land in-game as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

Owning a land grants its owner profit in crypto (DAI) and a prism of other benefits in the game. There’s also a governance system that makes the game very interesting and worth-playable.

The game is on Beta-test phase now, so come and check it out!

Here is the link to official web page:

League of Kingdoms Webpage

I’ve joined an Alliance, it is called Gods of Kings [GoK3] ShrineGuardians and I’m feeling well-treated within the comrades.

If you want to learn more about the game and even join our alliance, use the following Discord invitation and join the channel to get in touch:

DappsElite Channel

There’s a Land giveaway going on in the channel, so catch this opportunity!

My userId is Dantemonion , send me a message if you start playing the game.

Hoping to see you around the game! :smiley:

Maybe we can create a :lion: BAT Alliance


BAT Alliance?
how i start?


I think I’ve heard this game from YouTube advertisement or somewhere else.
Do I have to spend crypto to play the game? Or is it free?


Hello! first you need to register at the offical web page. Learn how to, and then play.


Hello! The game is in beta testing now. It is free to play, but you can aim for earning crypto if you invest on in-game NFTs.

Be :lion:

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@conclave Could you please tell what are the name of different cryptocurrency which we can earn there?

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The rewards are distributed in DAI tokens.
Also, there is the possibility for users to mint resources and sell them at OpenSea in exchange for ETH. Pretty good deal.
Remember to make your own research about the game.

I tried to tokenize my resources.

I thought I would receive some coins, but it ends up me sending some coins.

It looks like a fraud.

Hello Novel!
It’s sad to read that appreciation. It may come from a misunderstanding of the process. As you would know, there are different kinds of mintable tokens on Ethereum blockchain. The
amount of resources (1m+) produced in each Kingdom can be minted for Non-Fungible Tokens (ERC-721) that can be traded on exchanges like

When you decide to mint a Resource Token you must pay a fee, as you figured out previously.

It is good to get some info before addressing as a fraud, but hey, we’re aiming for trustless transactions, good to care about not being caught on frauds.

Good to see you around the forum! :slight_smile:

Can’t fee be paid in Resource Token?
I mean we generally need to pay when sending money but not when receiving. For example, if someone wants to send me $100, but the transfer fee is $1, I will receive $99 instead of having to pay $1 by myself.
Sorry for the accusation of a fraud. Actually, I just think it is a fraud-like behavior rather than thinking it must be a fraud. I don’t want to make any accusation because I don’t truly understand how it works.
Also, I noticed that the fee is more than the value of the Resource, based on the screenshot you provided, so it’s not worth it to just mint the resource and sell it. LOL

Hello Novel! :high_brightness:
The fees are paid in Gas :fuelpump: , since its based on the Ethereum blockchain (you need to consume Gas to ‘fuel’ the transactions.
Going at your example, if someone wants to send $100, has to pay a fee, only if its first and second layer blockchains. There’s some blockchain projects like Banano (BAN) that are feeless already, check it out at Banano Website (it’s high on potassium :banana: )
I understand you now. Try doing some research about NFTs, it’s pretty awesome the possible applications by now.
About the item in the screenshot, that’s just an example from the OpenSea’s marketplace, there many other offers, higher, lower ones.


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