Payout in progress since June


My Brave Publishers has not had a payout since June, though there is about 28 BAT among my channels, and it has read “payout in progress” for a while now.

Is there a new threshold for an amount of BAT needed to trigger a payout? I have not seen any notifications that would make me think there’s something wrong with my account.


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Same here. I haven’t get 8th September payment

Payment are being processed are we speak @nrs please wait till at least end of day 11th. I know it seems long but this way I can rule out pending pay outs

@blakeearth please send a mail to . join and send me a message @dgenies. Also @jennie on this channel. Once on I promise to help as much as possible

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I think I have posted this to the wrong community. Sorry everyone!

@nrs – Please put this on so they can help you there.