Overall, the Brave Browser and BAT "currency" seem great, but

Hello, 'BAT Community". I’ve been using the Brave Browser for some weeks now and really like the ideas. The browser also works fine for me and is better than what I had before, so it’s already a win in that respect.

With regard to the viewing ads and earning BAT, I have 2 suggestions:

  1. I don’t want to create a personal account with Uphold and give personal information, partially because I may not even have a fixed residence or phone # and also having a currency tied to personal information tends to fly against much of the spirit of Bitcoin etc.

  2. Though the ads have actually been enjoyable in many cases and appropriately selected, and I also realize this is not yet a “mature” product and think the basic ideas have potential and can grow, it would be good to see a more diverse and broader variety of advertisements. I have stopped clicking on many advertisements because I almost feel guilty knowing it will probably what I’ve already seen and an advertiser would probably not want to pay for multiple views by the user of the same content. I completely understand this is a new project and also believe the basic ideas are great, again, the browser works well for me too, and I’m simply suggesting that having a more diverse set of advertisements would help reduce costs for specific advertisers and add a bit more novelty and surprise for users.

I wish you guys well, though at least for the first case, I will likely still use the browser but not view the ads because I don’t want to have to create a personal account with Uphold to access the BAT. Though I have enjoyed donating BAT to some of my favorite sites and that might be a reason to continue viewing the ads (and again, I think the advertisements you’ve selected are actually quite good and informative, in general)

Best wishes, I wish you the best and just wanted to give some feedback on my experiences with this project.