Opera Becomes First Major Browser to Enable Direct Bitcoin Payments

Hello everyone@ Brave,
Does Brave Browser have this functionality currently?
And if it doesn’t, would it be possible?
It is a useful feature, I am interested to hear what other’s think, or can tell me about that?

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Bitcoin was available for donating in an early version of Brave, but they have switched over to BAT.


Yo @Jetplane10, you might wanna check

Sooner or later we are going into full distance towards e-commers as per CEO. Awesome, isn’t it?


Here’s another article you might wanna read @Jetplane10. Im sure this will catch your interest. Two Blockchain Pioneers Join Forces to Reward Users for Attention and Help Brands Reach New Audiences Through Private Ads

Let me tell ya, this is something BIG! Brave browser users who choose to view opt-in private ads from Brave’s brand partners are rewarded with BAT via Brave Rewards. This collaboration will be the first to integrate token utility redemption through the Brave browser as part of its global private ad platform.


Fantastic! Great to see companion marketing, where 1 + 1 can add to 3 or more with synergy making more as a collective eh? A principle that will work across the range of activities too. A momentum may get up at any stage, when critical mass is achieved. Roll on good times for Brave :handshake:


Agreed! Brave has a few more partnerships too. Have you seen any other interesting projects like this out there?


Hello Dan
I try to keep an eye out for innovative ideas that build things. I am a proponent of global connectivity being delivered to the masses in a corruption-free environment. It was that, that made Brave attractive to me, it is a building block, I hope. Do you think so?
I am on light duties due to illness, but I intend to contribute more to Brave as time goes on. The ethics are aligned with my own, and it is great to see a commercial entity get up ethically; a strong message to other business on the up-&-coming new competitive advantage! Lol


That is true!

I also find it very fascinating how BRAVE works together with lupus foundation of america on their New SLE-BRAVE research SLE-BRAVE to help in the treatment of lupus (people with active lupus nephritis and active lupus). I personally know some people here in PH who suffered from the said auto-immune disease and i commend Brave for working on such a great project. May people be more aware of what lupus is and together with Lupus Foundation of America give more hope to many Lupus patients on remission.

Continue inspiring people BAT & Brave team!

Please do contribute @Jetplane10! I love what you said about being a corruption-free environment. At Brave, we “can’t be evil” due to how things are built, versus Google’s “don’t be evil” (which was removed at some point…)

You’re right about the commercial entity being setup ethically. We’re setup with the users in mind. We want to reward users for their attention. Give them their privacy back. Reward creators. And now, reward nonprofits with innovative giving through tips and offering free ads for them. (Did you see the Innovative Giving part of the forum?)

By doing all this, we will become a greater source for good!

@markramos118991 I didn’t know a lot about Lupus until reading a bit more about it through the Lupus Foundation. That will be one of our featured charities on Giving Tuesday. If you can help out by promoting the charity, I hope we can make a positive impact fo them. Since Lupus.org is now a Brave Verified publisher, we can tip them easily.

Mark, I am glad to get your messages. I am sick and can’t really catch up properly with all you are offering me, but thank you for sending me what looks like some really great stuff. I will come back to you with some oohs and ahrrs when I get better look. Cheers buddy :v::biking_man: