Open Thailand country to receive the BAT tokens

That’s will be fine to open Thailand country to receive the BAT tokens, a lot of ads here, that’s insupportable !


Hello , when to vietnam receive BAT token from ads ? I hope it soon .

  • Romania/East Europe
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@HGETH and @mrteo2007 – We are working to get more countries online in the coming months.

@Simplitian, we have some ads online in that area now. You can see where we have ads running at :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed today that you/ads providers have removed a lot of ads in many countries included Thailand. I’m not sure anymore if this project will continue for a long time or not? Can you clarify the status of this project to us? Because as of what your team trying to tell, I’m very very concerned about the project is going to die sooner or later.