OK, So I have 8.2 BAT. Now what?

I have no idea how to get the Brave Rewards BAT to show up in my verify wallet. I have never felt more like a Boomer in my life. I’ve literally been writing code (poorly) since 1983, but have been googling, reading, experimenting and now… I give up.

I guess, I don’t get it.

My Brave Browser says I have 8.2BAT and just for fun, I’d like to move it to Bitcoin or Ethereum, or Yen or something other than BAT. I want to keep some in BAT, to give as tips, but I want to learn how to use this technology and I can’t even get off the ground.

anyone got anything?


1)You have to make an account in uphold and verify the same with your identity proof (depends on country).

2)Link it with your brave wallet and brave will automatically transfer the rewards.


#2 is where I have the problem. I can send funds to my Verify wallet by using a bank account or Credit card, but I cannot find how to send my BAT from Brave to my Verify wallet.


Let me try again:
This is my "Rewards screen:


This is my Crypto Wallets Screen

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My “Verfiy Wallet” gives a LONG number to cut and past to where I can send the BAT to my “Verify Wallet.”

In the “Crypto Wallet Tab” on my brave browser, I CAN find where to put the code to send BAT, but my “Crypto wallet” is empty.

I need to transfer BAT from “Brave rewards” to my “Crypto Wallet”


No. It’s not possible (for now).
You only able to verify your brave:rewards wallet and connect it to your Uphold account. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034841711-What-is-a-verified-wallet-


I personally use Uphold to transfer to my cold storage. I’ve not explored the crypto wallets option.

This video explains Uphold from creating an account to transferring your BAT to a Ledger - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV3Y0UkW0aI

Watch this video for an explanation of the crypto wallets - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANKpYa8na8I

Moving your BAT is one thing, but you will need to go to an exchange and use your BAT to buy Bitcoin etc. (8.2 BAT is so little that it would not be worth your time.) I’d advise looking at some youtube videos on how to do this.


The fist link you gave makes the process seem simple, EXCEPT, the “Withdraw Funds” he does at 1:28 in the video.

When I click “withdraw funds” on Brave Rewards, it DOES take me to my Uphold account, but in the video, he has a “card” with his “Brave rewards” that shows his BAT on that card. I don’t have a “Brave Rewards Card” on my list of cards (or any card showing my brave rewards. I have tried to create the card, but it does’t give an option for “Brave Rewards.” I now have 2 useless cards from 2 failed attempts.
When I create the card and try to fund it with BAT from Brave, it gives me an address to send the BAT to, but Brave Rewards does not give me a place to put in that address…

I’m doing something wrong. I am on the latest version of Brave. And when I click on “Brave Rewards Triangle” in my browser’s tool bar, it ALWAYS tells me I have insufficient funds because of “auto-contribute” – except I have auto-contribute off and NOTHING listed to “auto-contribute” to…

I want to play along in BAT/Crypto, but this is becoming complex.


When I go to my Uphold Account, there is no “Brave Rewards Card” to withdraw the funds.
Also, when I click on “Brave Rewards Triangle” in my browser’s tool bar, it ALWAYS tells me I have insufficient funds because of “auto-contribute” – except I have auto-contribute off and NOTHING listed to “auto-contribute” to…


If I recall correctly (and it has been some months since I set up my Uphold account), the BAT card on Uphold was system created, not user created. Assuming you started by creating an Uphold via brave://rewards/ (as opposed to creating an account independently) and completed all the steps correctly then perhaps there is a technical issue.

Search this forum for any similar instances. Then go to the technical support forum and do the same (https://community.brave.com/c/support-and-troubleshooting). If nothing exists then make a new thread. The same advice goes for your auto-contribute issue (which I have seen before as an issue).


*Hello! *
Then in that case ,I think you have to pay your subscription to the account in order for your rewards be calculated,more especially when it says ;you have aninsufficiant funds!

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