Noobster Here in need of advice

HI there , any help or greetings appreciated , quick Q, whats the best way for brave users/ new brave users to become content creators internet, seemingly to mye its to use Wix or some such website creation tool.

Any guides or something i have so far missed ?



Welcome to the Brave community. I think they easiest way is through sites like Youtube or Twitch and Twitter. You may want to start with a relatable topic like Cryptocurrency , Brave or Bat tokens. Referrals are an option too with spreading the word about Brave and using your referral link as an option for them to download through.


I think you should not think primarily how to get verified by Brave, but what message you have to spread or what value you can add to the world. Then you figure out which platform feels best for you - a blog, a podcast, a video platform, life streaming. Care about the content and the way you want to deliver it, then think about the Brave verification. You will have to love what you do, otherwise you won’t do it for long. And you will have to do it for long until it pays in some way.

Just my thoughts on that.


@schmoxx is right! Good advice.