No Withdrawl option?

I live in the Netherlands and do not have The ‘Withdrawl’ function in My desktop BAT wallet.

Any ideas why??

Thanks for your support

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Withdrawal feature is not yet launched by Brave

Incorrect, see my reply to OP

You will need to first verify your wallet via Uphold. The details for this can be found in the wallet area if the browser on PC (not sure about mobile)


Thanks for the info, I will try same on phone too


Verify your wallet with uphold .

Thanks but I do not see the verify option in the wallet

Hi, I do not see the verify option in the brave wallet on my desktop or phone

Hello @Harmzzz,

Please make sure you’re using the latest desktop version of Brave. Verify wallet is not available on mobile as of yet.

The following video tutorial will also help you connect to Uphold

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