Nexus -

Nexus is a currency that solves the many challenges of the future, and begins the transition to a global digital economy. The Nexus currency powers the new digital economy by providing fast, affordable, and secure payment channels that are easy to use and eliminates wasteful transaction fees. Nexus provides essential tools to embolden individuals and organizations to manage their finances with complete autonomy. Nexus is the next step in the evolution of financial freedom.
The 3D Chain is an evolution of Blockchain protocol, built from the ground up to provide a strong foundation for Nexus and other future projects using the technology. Using an unique implementation of three consensus channels, Nexus transforms the blockchain into a 3D process called the 3 dimensional chain. By adapting to transaction volume, using trust to secure the network, and weighting transactions to determine the most efficient use of resources, the 3DC increases decentralization and limits the influence exerted by any one system. The 3DC protocol organically scales to meet network computational demands, which means the network gets faster as more nodes join the system.