Newbie needing help

Hello everyone. I’m just a newbie here in this community and actually in using Brave. I’m so confused how it works and how am I going to earn something from it. I’m from the Philippines but currently residing in Nairobi. I would really appreciate if there would be someone who can educate and guide me how to use brave, how to earn BAT and what are the do’s and dont’s in this community etc. Thank you in advance.


Hi, All you need to do is register on Brave and start earning BAT’s for reviewing Ads, Also make sure you register your UpHold Wallet to transfer your BAT’s successfully to your account and be able to trade the for other Crypto Assets Commodities Stocks and others.




Welcome to brave community

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Thank you for the help. I really appreciate it. Already registered my UpHold wallet. Just a bit confused how my wallet be verified? Is there a minimum amount of BAT to be verified?

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Hi Lioness777,

Verifying your uphold wallet itmeans just access it, it is as simple as it sounds…!!!

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Thank you. I just wanna make sure that I did the right thing. As I said I’m just a newbie especially to crypto currencies.

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You may not earn anything since an Uphold account is required.

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Welcome Kababayan :smiley:

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Thank you kababayan. :blush: