Newbie here,teach me more about Brave

Hello everyone…im just new here,i hope all of you can help me how to earn using brave.Thank you so much


are you using brave from mobile or computer

Hi @Kitikat05, welcome. Brave is pretty intuitive by design. If you are switching from Chrome, it will use the same extensions and is laid out much the same. The biggest differences are the speed of browsing, built-in ad-blocker and of course BAT. You earn BAT by browsing as usual and opting into the Brave Rewards, which shows unobtrusive Brave Ads every so often.

You can also sync all of your brave devices to the same account under settings. Hope this is helpful.


Hi @Kitikat05 you’ve made the right choice moving to brave browser, now your privacy is in your hands, you mentioned about earning, are you a website owner or want to earn BAT by yourself?

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I want to earn by myself

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Yes…im using mobile

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visit the link


Thank you so much for the information

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But first check wether your country is on the list of Brave supported countries.

If you’re an old brave user reading this, kindly support my verified website


Hello @Kitikat05 if you’re from US or UK then you’re already in supported countries but if it any other nation then click the link below and scroll down to is my region supported to know if your country is listed if not you won’t be able to earn anything even if you turn on Brave ads.
Here is the link


can you still earn and collect points from South Africa


Yes dear, South Africa is one of the countries listed on Brave supported countries :heart_eyes:

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Good morning…i just wanna ask how will i received the BAT that i earned?i have already UPHOLD account and ive been using Brave for 1 month

Hello @Kitikat05 you can now do your KYC verification on Uphold before you withdraw your BAT in the meantime you can stop it from automatically sending tips to the frequently verified sites you use on Brave, that is if you don’t want to tip them, but if you want to, I believe you may consider tipping to my site too

I have a website and I want to get BATs for advertisements. How does it works, How to initiate?

Comment vérifier si son pays figure parmis les pays prisent en charge pas Brave ?