New user of Brave


Hi, I’m Nighty, I’ve only been using Brave browser for a month but really like it and the idea behind it. I like the idea of being able to reward creativity.

Not sure if we’re allowed links but here’s my simple blog, any small tip would be amazing, you know, just to see how it all works. :wink:


can i say i respect your site and its idea, ive been having an idea about that, been doing it in my note book, but snap i respect what you have and did, wish you can add doodles or doodle, hmmm
but facts, have seen brave before but havent really used it until i just wanted a new start and get away from ads and now i feel clean HAHAHH

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I love the brave browser so simple and easy. Just like chrome but not it’s better. Keep up the great work you have my support