New Integration Platform - Seeking Feedback


Hello everyone!

I love Brave’s vision for the future of the Internet. As a content creator, I have a personal website with verified publisher status at (without much content yet, but I’ve got ideas…)

I have also recently started a new community, Sage School, designed as a place for people (generally individuals) to document creation of their open-source software and games. It is a primarily a PeerTube instance (think federated, decentralized YouTube) with free video hosting for new accounts. For more information on my description and vision for this project, visit

My primary goal with this project is to help developers (like myself) teach others about their software and document its creation. I don’t want developers to have to pay out-of-pocket for this, because I believe the platform (or rather, amalgamation of services) will work best if neither viewers nor creators need to pay directly. This service should be free and open source to match the software it runs on (and hosts information about)!

For this reason, I am considering using Brave’s BAT to monetize time spent on the website. This might be enough to pay for hosting costs if there are enough students. However, in such a situation, the website (Sage School) would be compensated for the attention, not individual teachers/creators. Teachers would need to visualize the cost of the service as the BAT they would be getting if they taught on shudders YouTube, for instance. I’ve verified the website and await when it appears verified in Brave.

Is this a recommended practice? Do you have any suggestions for how this system might be improved?

Thanks for your time and attention :slight_smile:

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I should also note that the Brave browser currently breaks PeerTube completely. See


If I understand correctly, software developers would choose to put their videos on your platform versus YouTube?

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Yes. This might be preferable for some people because

  1. PeerTube, as a federation, is much less centralized than YouTube
  2. YouTube has a concerning terms of service.
  3. Using YouTube, like using many of Google’s services, has lots of startling privacy implications, like monetizing personal information, as Google’s an advertising company.

I think a video streaming service powered by BAT could be a really cool departure from this, especially at small scales (to be able to continue to offer some level of decentralization).

I’d love to hear your feedback and criticisms on this idea.

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As an addendum to this, I should note that Brave users can disable the WebTorrent extension as a workaround. See


I would approach your target audience with this idea. Ask developers directly and get their feedback. What do they like about the idea? What do they dislike? What are their objections? What would incentivize them to use your platform versus YouTube? Would they consider what your objections (decentralized, concerning terms of service, etc.) in their decision making process?

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Thank you. I’ll start asking people I know and posting on open source forums. Thanks again for your advice :slight_smile:

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I could not keep this project open due to moderation and no foreseeable income from Brave users (as the browser currently breaks PeerTube through WebTorrent). I am excited about this as a possibility, but I don’t think it’s doable yet. Thanks all for your interest and advice.

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You’re welcome @blakeearth!