New Family Member :)


Hi all,
My name is Tony Marma. I’m from south Asian country Bangladesh :bangladesh:. I am a web developer and a heavy internet user :grinning:. I started using Brave in October 2018. I was amazed and very excited when I realized Brave/Bat is by Brendan Eich(Creator of Javascript and Co-Founder: Mozilla). This information gave me a full throttle to trust Brave as a privacy browser. Because of my broken family, I couldn’t go to high school. But I didn’t stop my learning, I learned HTML, CSS, JS(still learning) at Codecademy. I know 5 different languages, Bengali, English, Marma(Local Tribe), Chakma(Local Tribe), Hindi(India) :wink: . I have applied for a Regional Leader (Volunteer) for Bat/Brave. I am a little bit confused that my English pronouncing isn’t good. Even If I get rejected after the interview I will continue my support to BAT/Brave :blush::blush::blush: . Please ignore my mistakes and forgive me for making a long post. Thanks for reading, have a good day!

Tony Marma


Welcome, no worries for English, even my outrageous French accent went through :wink: !


Great to have you here @tony! And @ArnaudC you have the best French accent :smiley:


Thanks, How can I help you? Sent me a PM or a mail to with more information. :blush::blush::blush: have a nice day!