New Creator here: learn more about software, technology and sports with FullStackMe

Hey guys!
Let me introduce myself first. I’m a software engineer and do write the notes about all the things that bother me: new technology, development, running and other sports. Read out more of this in my blog, and I also have some videos on the YouTube channel (though, not many).

It also happens to do some running shoes review for the RunRepeat platform. I’m more than happy to hearing back from you, so don’t hesitate and get in touch in Twitter (@sainnr) and Reddit (@fullstackme).

Please do comment if you have an idea of what you’d like to read or watch about, something along the lines!

Oh yes, here’s the link to the recent RunRepeat video if anyone’s interested on shoe reviews: I do it for fun, to share my experience with some new trainers I find interesting, and not get paid by these guys (just in case if you wonder).