New activist here

Hi everyone… Iam a newbie here… I don’t know how I going to help this community…

I keep on search google that how i can hide from Google spy, finally i found brave.

Pls suggest what I do next ???

Hi, I’m also a novice in this field. It seems to me that the founders of this “community” are not educational enough about what they expect from newcomers. Of course it is obvious that they expect, among other things, publicity and ideas, but a list of “methods for new people” (with quarterly follow-up) would be welcome.

In your case, when I read your profile, I read that you asked for the name of Bat’s Indian representative or the possibility of being one. Perhaps you could inform us about the state of “electronic currencies” in your country given the current situation, as an election platform ?

(Translated from French with

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Hi Didier…
Thanks for your reply in my post and iam glad to give my reply to my post. While I browsed through some of the forum in the community at the time I noticed.

In that post i can’t able to reply, that’s the reason I posted my concern in another post.

And moreover i joined in this community not for money/reward/digital Currency.
I have an inner thought that google, facebook are all storing our personal data and search history. All the information are available for sale. Iam not a product that they can sell my information, at that time i found brave website and happy to promote because of online privacy and they don’t store our personal data
Last point. May be in my country digital currency are banned. But I can able to store or utilize in online mode without taking into my geographic location.
And many website like paypal are all converting foreign currency and transfer as INR to my indian bank account safely.

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