Need to transfer BAT from my kid's Brave browser

I have Brave installed on all the computers in my home, including my kids. My son has a decent amount built up and we are wanting to transfer it either to me so I can convert it to BTC for him or somehow get a wallet setup for him. He is only 12 and I’m not finding anyway to get a wallet setup for him that he can transfer his BAT to. Any suggestions?


That’s a tricky one as I believe the minimum age for an Uphold account is 16 (that link relates to Europe but I’d imagine it’s the same elsewhere).

These are just a few thoughts. I don’t claim to be an expert and there might be better options.

  1. Perhaps you could ask Uphold support if it is possible for one individual (i.e. you) to have a second account. If it’s the case that you can have multiple accounts then I think you could use something like a Ledger Nano and have a separate account for each of your Uphold accounts.
  2. Failing that it might be a case of cutting your loses and switching to one account across multiple devices via the backup / restore functionality. Unfortunately, would mean losing one account and all the BAT associated with it.

make an EXODUS wallet on a pc and transfer all to there :slight_smile:

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Hi Sydefacke H r u? If make EXODUS wallet on PC every page’s work online will transfer them to EXODUS too or just for this page?

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Sorry for delay in reply, I am normally all over the place with work and sleep and make infrequent visits to most of the sites I look at.
If I understand you correctly, ( and I probably don’t ), it seems you are asking if you have sent BAT to EXODUS once from your BAT BRAVE wallet, that every future transaction will automatically go to the EXODUS wallet?
If that is your question, I do not think it works this way.
Any time you have accrued an amount of BAT in your BRAVE wallet you would need to send that amount in a new transaction from BAT BRAVE wallet to EXODUS.

I hope that this is a help. :slight_smile:

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So I can setup that wallet under my boys account on his PC, transfer the BAT in his Brave browser to that wallet and the do with it as we please?

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Yes, i believe that to be the case. :smiley:
Also, EXODUS wallet allows internal swaps for any of your crypto, so once BAT is transferred you can exchange for other crypto like ETH, BTC or others for a small fee.

I hope this has been helpful.

I also must disclose I have no affiliation with any crypto service provider or coin.

All experience I have gained in this sphere has been through usage and trial and error :slight_smile:

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Sadly, @njb1966 I don’t think this is correct :frowning:

To redeem your BAT you have to do so through an Uphold account and from there you can move it elsewhere, e.g. cold storage like a Ledger or an online wallet like Exodus (or 101 other competitors besides).

This is the path you should follow:

  1. Brave ------> 2) Uphold Account ------> 3) Some Destination of your choice

If I’m understanding @Sydefecks suggestion correctly then he is omitting step 2. This wont work. You must somehow set-up an Uphold account. From there you are free to withdraw the BAT.

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Is there an account liked to the browser?

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I can absolutely agree with LMG.

I have never tried to withdraw BAT from my BRAVE browser wallet so am unaware of the second step.

Sorry if I have misled you.


No, that’s the point. At 12 his child is to young to hold an Uphold account. @njb1966, I would encourage you to contact Uphold or Brave directly (and then let us know the result).

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I have just gone through the process of creating an uphold account and it does seem like a lot of unnecessary steps to get the BAT in your browser.

I understand there are a lot rules and regulations around the transmission of cash in its many forms and because of this there has to be Know Your Customer compliance.
These are for the company to assess their suitability, along with the potential risks of illegal intentions towards the business relationship.

Presumption is always bad, and I presumed there was an integrated wallet address in the browser that could be accessed from the browser.

I will be more diligent in future before jumping in with my two cents worth of information which in this case turned out to be less than two cents :slight_smile:


There actually might be an alternative option. If you open brave://wallet/ you have an option to set up crypto wallets. It might be that this would allow you to bypass Uphold and create either a local wallet or a hardware wallet (Ledger and Trezor).

I’ve never explored this option as I had already set up my Uphold account before purchasing a Ledger Nano. It would be worth exploring.

More info here:


Hey People!

Any news about transfer BATS from Android brownser to an uphold account? I still couldnt find any place to insert my wallet information or any other way.

Regards! :brazil: :brazil: :brazil:

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Hi @teardropBR,

I would suggest that you start a new thread for this question. Any answers will just get lost in this unrelated thread.

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