My Uphold account has been suspended

Are there other wallets to accept publisher payments from Brave? Because My Uphold account has been suspended!
I’ve contacted uphold contact support. uphold answer, my account still is suspended


Where are you from? (country)

My country indonesia :indonesia:

your uphold wallet verified or not

no, because it’s always rejected

create new uphold account with different email id

before process document verification
read instructions carefully link

You Must take clear picture for document verification)
(to take photo for document verification you can use mobile app)

uphold Non-Supported Geographies link

link1 link2 link3 link4

Ok, thanks starkk​:+1::+1::+1::+1:

Hello @JKRMonitor,
Make sure your Uphold name is same like written on your ID card .

Ya, same like ID Card

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Hi @JKRMonitor,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Can you please send me a PM with your email address so that I can ask Uphold to investigate the issue further? Only Uphold Support could offer more insight as the ID verification is performed with Uphold, and not directly with Brave Software. Brave does not see or process any of your information as part of the verification process.

In case you are unable to verify your account with Uphold no matter what, don’t worry—we aim to introduce other options for users in the future as well. (Please see question 14 in our Brave Ads & Rewards Troubleshooting FAQ - Can I withdraw my BAT earnings without Uphold, or not use a custodial solution such as Uphold at all for Brave Rewards? )


Uphold is a really bad company who use the false “for security reason” to shutdown account without real legit reason.
First of all, what’s the point to ask everybody their ID card? They don’t need any ID for something I earned before… it’s like a CIA/Mossad program to get a gigantic database of people’s identity cards across the planet. I have 0 trust when a company ask for my ID and further more when I submit them my ID Card they shut down my account. In fact my ID Card is expired but there is a law in France that say “Any expired ID is considered valid for 5 years more”.

They don’t give a F about our state laws, Their company laws come first, not our government’s

I will soon stop using Brave and uninstall it from all my personal computers, mobile phone, I have already done it on my working company (75 computers / Im an IT engineer) because collecting BAT to end losing them to this scam company is not a good move.
It’s better to use Firefox with some Adblock plugin, you win nothing BUT you lose nothing, keep that in mind.


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totally agree with everything you say

I don´t think Brave was created so that somebody working in a company, with access to 75 computers can install the browser in all computers and mine for currency.

I believe the original idea was that the user of the browser gets paid BAT, and not the company owner getting paid for other people browsing the Internet for them.

So are you assuming i use our employees computers for personal gain?

That’s simply False, Void, Nul, Zero.

I am assuming you don´t use 75 computers yourself.

what happened ? why suspended…