My Crypto Skeptic Wife turned Brave Browser Advocate

My lovely wife Lia was a Crypto Skeptic when I first started on this journey down the rabbit hole. Lia tolerated what I did but did not approve and occasionally would let me know.
I was able to convince her to open a Coinbase account with my referral code so I could get some free crypto. I made Lia watch all the Coinbase Earn tutorial videos so we could get two lots of everything.
After having completed all the tasks, Lia made the remark that she liked the BAT one. She downloaded the Brave Browser and we have both been using it as our default browser ever since.
She did try to get her website verified but after a couple failed attempts we realised Wordpress needs to be updated first. We still have to get her Brave Rewards up and running.
There were 2 things that were responsible from changing Lia from SKEPTIC to ADVOCATE.

  1. Coinbase Earn videos are a great start to introduce people with little interest to dip their toes in the cryptoverse. Videos are short, concise and explained in simple terms. They need to be short because people have short attention spans when it doesn’t interest them. If I start rambling on about crypto stuff within minutes Lia’s eyes start to glaze over.

  2. Brave Browser, Brave Rewards and Basic Attention Token are something ordinary people can relate to, understand and use now.

Has any one else had similar experience?

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