My Blog - Dedicated to Privacy and an User Experience Free of Annoying Ads

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I’m Benny and last year I have decided to set up my own blog. Towards the end of last year I got dedicated to write consistently, but one thing was very important for me to begin with — I did not want to disturb the user experience in any way by using advertising or any kind of data tracking on my website. Even for analytics I have decided to not feed my data to Google, but to use a solution focused on privacy. I want to make a difference in how the internet works moving forward. Something has to change.

I write about the progress with my own online business projects, sharing information along the way as documentation for me and helpful resource for others. I also share valuable experiences that I make along the way in terms of personal development and creating a life on my own terms.

I’m very excited about different new monetization methods for blogs and websites, as I believe that the ad-infested status quo is not sustainable and at some point people will wake up to the fact, that content today is only free, because we pay with our data and attention at every corner of the web.

I just signed up as a verified Brave creator, excited to see if it will have any tangible results along the way of growth of my blog.

You can find my blog here:

Looking forward to participate here as part of the community! :raised_hands:



I tipped your website with five BAT because I really like your attitude and you are from Munich as well. I am following you on Twitter, let’s connect. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much David, what a warm welcome! :blush:

And a #clapclap to you as a fellow Free Athlete! :clap:

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Nice website, catch …


What’s your name on Freeletics? Mine is “Dave Schweinsteiger” :smiley:

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Followed you just now! :smiley:

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