My BAT tokens just disapeared

So I collected some BAT tokens just for them to disappear today. Why is that? Also why am I having issues with video on

Is there a setting I am not seeing?

Thanks in advance


@ChrisVanZetta backup your current wallet then restore it in the same browser that should fix the problem. here is a guide for that


Just did this and it didn’t work :confused:

Not leaving a good first impression so far.

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are you using mobile?

No, windows OS.
I did try the Android version and sync’d my setting but since the Android app was horrible GUI wise I deleted it. Would this affect my wallet by any chance or write over my desktop wallet?

okay we would have a step by step guide. okay?

open a newtab and go to chrome://rewards

click the :gear: and then on the backup tab click save as file

I have done this and it still just shows my current amount accumulated which is .15 BAT.

is there a file on my phone that I can recover that might help me?

click the :gear: and then click on the restore tab then click import
find the backup save file and import. that should fix it

for mobile there isn’t a fix

after this restart the browser please

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Hi @ChrisVanZetta, can you please monitor your wallet for the next 24-48 hours? This is possibly a minor issue related to your wallet sync.

Thank you for providing help @Dgenies!


Ok I’ll give it a few days to re-sync and will post back probably Saturday or Sunday.

Thanks for the help both of you.

Quick question. If I resync my desktop brave browser with my smartphone, do the BAT tokens collectively go to the same wallet or does the android app create a new wallet and I’d have to transfer them to my desktop wallet to combine them?

Right now, the wallet on Android is separate from the wallet on desktop. Sync, which is in v1, currently only syncs bookmarks and not wallets. v2 should sync more data when it is released.

BAT Tokens Disappearing:

Can you provide a little more information on the disappearance of your BAT tokens? For example, where did the BAT tokens initially come from? Did you earn them by watching Brave Ads? How much BAT was it?

You can send a screenshot of brave://rewards if you like, which may help provide a visual.


Hello, I have accumulated around $2 in BAT rewards and one day the wallet stated I had none.

The following screen shot is what I accumulated since I posted my problem in this forum

They were from using the browser and viewing ads. Not sure how they just dissipated but re-syncing didn’t restore my previous amount. Guess I will just call it a loss as it wasn’t that many

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That certainly sounds strange… Were the tokens claimed and inside your main BAT balance (in the top right in big numbers), or were they just under “Estimated pending rewards”?

Can you try restarting your computer and browser, and seeing if the correct amounts reappear?

If your earnings were actually inside your main BAT balance, they should not have been lost unless the Brave profile on your machine was somehow totally erased. If they were still estimated pending rewards, then a known workaround solution is to restart your computer + browser in order to trigger a recalculation.

Let us know, and be sure to update your Brave browser (brave://help) to the latest version!

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Hello. I have brave on pc with bought bat i sent to the browser wallet and also have brave on android. I was granted 20 tokens on android and i just checked and it is gone. What happened to the android BAT grant?

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Just to make sure, the 20 tokens you received on Android were from a free BAT promotional grant, correct? If so, they expire after 90 days. If you did not use them after 90 days, they expire and are removed from the wallet.

If not, please check your Auto-Contribute settings to see if your Android browser made an Auto-Contribution this month. It could be that it made an Auto-Contribution for exactly 20 BAT to various websites, based on your browsing history.

I have brave on pc with bought bat i sent to the browser wallet

Did you purchase BAT externally and then send it into the in-browser Brave Rewards wallet? If so, keep checking back periodically. It should show up after a little while. If it is not, please send me a private message with the info in brave://rewards-internals, as well as the transaction ID of the deposit you made on the blockchain.


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