My BAT experience so far

A few days in and I’m loving it. Ads started popping up straight away, I noticed you didn’t have to click on them to get a reward but I did anyway. Ads seem to match my browsing habits, lot of crypto but Vimeo and others in there.
Read somewhere that there is a limit of 21 Ads per 24 hours and this seemed right. Currently earned 2.65 BAT from Ads, and also some amazing Brave users even sent my verified site some BAT tips. Amazing. Sneaky site shill,

Best part is the actual Brave browser is, in my opinion, great to use.


“One of us! One of us! One o…”


@nighty Glad you’re enjoying them! And it’s awesome to see you’re supporting creators. This is exactly how the system should work. :slight_smile:

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Love the overall experience of using Brave… have completely migrated to brave from chrome after my first experience… the icing on the cake is when i get to look at the stats and i feel a lot more content… :innocent::innocent::innocent: