Mining with Brave

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@Daviddto, it’s unlikely that you will generate enough BTC to justify your electricity costs.

Also, that’s a referral link you posted.



you are absolutely right about the electricity costs fact. And thanks for the link.

I just thought some people could give a little feedback about their experience on using this mining browser. It’s very easy, but it takes time to earn enough BTC. Furthermore, I don’t exactly know whether one can trust the provider of this browser - who knows. :slight_smile:

And don’t get me wrong, I prefer Brave to 100%, but I am just curious about other’s experience.


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Hi @Daviddto,

I don’t have any experience with this browser but I have looked into cloud based mining in the past and it simply isn’t worth it. The dayS of hobbyist mining are done, especially as another halving is around the corner.

It’s a good point about trustworthiness. On the face of it CryptoTab business model seems to be - how shall I say this diplomatically? - nothing more than a false economy. They are pooling the power of their users to mine, paying out a fraction of the earnings (which are probably not enough to cover the energy costs) and keeping the rest for themselves. (Or this is how it seems to me. Happy to be corrected otherwise.) So I would wonder about trustworthiness of the browser as a whole.

Appreciate the info, it’s always nice to hear about new angles. However, I’ll be giving this one a pass.


Mining with Brave. Wow super cool. I wait for it​:heart::heart:


Yahh me are also waiting. :heart_eyes:2020-02-13T18:30:00Z

Hi, more than a browser, CryptoTab is an extension for Chrome (idk if it’d work with Brave, I suppose so as it is based on Chromium) which automatically “mines” a few BTC Satoshis. It allows referral program and has a few payment proof videos in YouTube.

Let’s give it a try!

As I said before, this is a false economy. You will spend more on energy than you will earn. There is no money in BTC mining.

What??? :thinking: :thinking:

Not sure how else to explain this.

Let’s say for the sake of argument you run CryptoTab for a year and in that time and you use €1 in energy directly related to mining through the browser. In that period you generated bitcoin worth €0.50. This means you have lost money.

Now I admit that I don’t have the figures to backup this assertion. However, Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable for all but the biggest mining farms. It’s even less profitable for someone mining through their browser. This has been the case for a number of years.

@LMG: I totally agree with you. But since I believe the BTC price to be on a very high level in the intermediate-term future I am giving it a try for about one (or more) months to figure out the rewards. I will report here.

And what I should add is that I do not have to pay for electricity, that’s why it might make sense. I just let it run in the background - sometimes on “max”, sometimes on a lower level.

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If this app is used to mine something else and the payment is converted in to BTC then it might not be a bad thing to run in the background. If your computer is going to be running anyway and your processor can handle it then why not let it earn a handful of sats. It’ll take for ever to get an amount worth withdrawing, but unless the makers are scam artists (there’s enough of them about) then I can’t see the harm in it.


Please report back when you’ve run this for a while @Daviddto

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Crypotab is so long time btc
But Brave is the most powerful and Fast Browsing…
So I hope all user brave browser use…

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I will post a screenshot. :slight_smile:

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I hope you are well for Earning better

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