Minimum time for a user?

Hi every one

I want to ask everyone. What is the minimum time for a user to use the brave browser for 30 days?

Please let me know your thoughts


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please conment in here

For me honestly I can do for 2 hrs or more everyday

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I have a total time of about 90 minutes / 1 month to surf the web. is it possible to have money?

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There is no minimum time for a user; the way users earn is by enabling Brave Ads!

For me… there is no such thing as minimum or maximum.

I just use it as I would in any browser. The one thing that makes it stand out is the fact that it is more secure than other internet browser, and on top of that if you enabled your Brave Ads, and link/verify your Uphold wallet, then you get to make a few extra bucks!

thanks you . but i thing brave have KPI for user

I am a publisher. If the user only uses a few days of brave in 30 days will it be verified?

@loved2g – We’ve discussed this via PM. What you’ve been looking to find is the minimum time a referred user has to use the Brave browser so you can receive the referral bonus.

As I have mentioned several times to you via private message: We cannot mention the minimum usage for a referred user to be considered an active user of the Brave browser.

ok dan . i will focus continue working

Use it as long as you want. :slight_smile: