Meetup in Germany, Munich


I am keen on organising a meetup over here in Munich to connect to BAT enthusiasts like me.

Anyone in for the 10th of April '19?



You should definitely make an event on, eventbrite, Facebook and whichever social medias are big in Germany. You can promote your fan-made meetup on /r/BATProject and we can help bring attention to it :).

Normally if you make the event, people will come!


Alright, will set this up - thanks for support.


I could possibly join since i am in Netherlands, however i will be going to Norway for basically all of April. Hey let me know if you ever set something up XD

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Quite some distance between Netherlands and Munich, but I will keep you updated!


Thats true, but i always wanted to visit Munich and got a friend down there :rofl: cheers!

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Now you got two friends down there. :slight_smile:

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