Make time to greet new joiners! 🤗

Don’t forget to make time to greet new joiners! After all, our BRAVE forum is a community. That way, it will show people that they are part of a big family and wil make them feel a sense of belonging. It is a great way as well and tactic i must say, to make our numbers grow. Let us not fully depend on MODs and Leaders as they are quite busy as well but i am sure they are tryin their best to. :hugs: We are a part of a big group and we must always take innitiative and be active! Don’t hesitate to share your knowledge. More heads is better than one. You are never a stranger! :sunglasses:

Sending the spirit of good vibes to everyone. Let us make Brave the BEST browser and end this year with a blast!



Thank you for posting this @markramos118991! Feel free to check out other parts of the forum and post in there as well, and communicate with members of the community there as well!

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Nice post, I am new here and have to say the Brave/BAT project is a great idea.


Thanks @Elton23, glad to have you here!

Nicee man, good vibes for you too

i live in bangladesh .my name is shuvo,i study in university .i use brave apps.please like my post