Make money by doing nothing to ez only android!

Doing nothing and get money? This is true!!
link is here:
Start earning money with doing nothing!
Only Android!

What… I don’t think so.

This is obviously a mining app which pays its users.

And the link provided is obviously a referral one which will allow @Kirigaya to earn even more money :rofl:


Anybody actually have any info on the quality of this app? Any reviews. or even rumors?

I doubt mining from your smartphone is super lucrative, and it probably kills your battery and/or data or something unwanted.

(as for this post, this is some low quality shill self-promo garbage)

It’s an app that basically turns your phone into a bot for doing things like clicking ads, games, ect… Max you can make it 15 a month. Referrals like any other app is where the money is.