Lost bat through contribution

So this happen to my.

I got a notification from brave saying I have done an auto contribution.

Ive turned of auto contribution first day I connected uphold.

Is it a big?

You might wanna double check if your auto contribution is really turned off. The same has happened to me as well. :sweat_smile: T’was my fault tho on my end coz i turned it on.

chrome://rewards/ type this in the search bar or click the brave rewards icon. make sure out check out the tour!

Hi @Vonh

Just checking on you if youve made any move with regards to your lost Bat.

Have you emailed support bout it? Seems you were affected by the auto contribute bug. But worry, our good guys from support will be able to replenish your lost bat.

please email our support at support+publishers@basicattentiontoken.org.

The subject line of your email should be “Auto-Contribute Issues”. Please include 2 pieces of information in your email:

  1. Open up brave://rewards-internals on your affected browser and cut and paste the information into your email. Do not share this information with anyone else.
  2. Let us know the estimated amount of BAT you believe you lost as a result of the Auto-Contribute bug.

Hope this helps.

yes ive turned it of since day one.

i type in brave://rewards-internals but im directed to google…
so where should it takes me?

Also i tried to uninstall brave on my phone and installed it again and now i m so lost that i cant even explain it. haha

You might wanna try chrome://rewards-internals copy and paste the information you got there into your email (they might be able to let you know if its the correct info) together with the estimated amount of BAT you think you have lost through auto contribute and send it on the said email address.

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to community.brave.com for any brave related concerns. I’m sure our guys there will be more than willing to assist you too.

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