Looking for active BAT/Brave Twitter users

Any active Twitter users here who want to connect?

Link on my profile: Dave


You could Connect me! @lord112win
I also wanted to became a regional Leader in the Philiipines.
I have pages exclusively with Brave User in the Philippines


Make sure to follow the BAT Australia Twitter and our other regional pages :smiley:


I am @HubertGAM on Twitter. Hopefully, I’ll soon be the Regional Leader in Detroit, MI, so look out for news on that.


I’m in Minneapolis, MN and hoping to work towards spreading BAT across the region

Hey also from ph here pinoy blood

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Hi @Daviddto,

Great idea!

I’ve followed you. I look forward to reading your tweets!
Feel free to do the same by following me here: sLyd3r

To everyone else, lets pay-it-forward :wink:


Would enjoy connecting… @avalanchemike
thanks & I’ll follow back if you use @me using $BAT :wink:


Hi @avalanchemike,

Done and dusted :wink:
I hope I followed the correct twitter account :slight_smile:

Happy tweeting!

what’s your twitter handle? I’ll make sure I follow back…

Hi @avalanchemike,

My Twitter handle is @sLyd3r

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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My user name on twitter is @lyncas

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Hey everybody, Day 1 here so I am running around like a chook with it’s head cut off, I will eventually fall in the right area… Twitter account is rather small in numbers.

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Hello everyone can you follow me, You are welcome my twitter.

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Done :slight_smile: Thank you for the follow!

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So how’s it going in your region Brian? I’m new to BAT/Brave.

How do you become a regional leader?

Connect on here, or on Twitter, or…?

Hi mate! Find me @nylonfire I’m always sharing crypto news and stuff :slight_smile:

Yes you connect me @nishaanjari and I also wanted to become regional leader in the India