Local development sites

A few of my colleagues in my workplace have started using Brave as their daily driver. Even for web development. We each have our own “local” domain for our development, i.e.


We’d like to be able to have these sites in our “auto contribute” and they do get included, sort of. We usually access our own sites (which we’d exclude) but if we use each others sites for various reasons (testing, pair programming, etc) then we’d like to contribute BAT as a thank you. However they’re not accessible via the internet, would this be against BAT policies?

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Hi @knothole, this is a great question.

These websites would need to be public to be verified.

It’s awesome you want to use BAT as a thank you! Not sure if you’re a Github user, but did you know you can tip people on there?

What type of development are you doing, if you can share?