Links to share and promote Brave and get a bonus

I have a few channels (Twitter, Twitch, YouTube) that are connected to my Creator Account. Where can I find share links directly from Brave Publishers to post directly to Twitter and/or to other platforms with a banner for example, like the one below (only loads in twitter, if you click it you can see it), and get a share for doing so, in this example, in the form of a bonus?

I have looked thru my history and couldn’t find where I got it from. What other similar options to this one are available? Is there a Brave url that has this offers for users that want to share and get a bonus? Where can I find it? Thank you.



For Twitter and Facebook “direct” sharing, just click on their respective icons from your Publisher/Creator dashboard. You can also get the link if you click on the “Referral Link” button.


Thanks @bertrell, that’s exactly what I was looking after. The last time I used it, the banner didn’t show up. Slow connection I guess.

I have seen other banners with other promotions, any idea where can I get those? Thanks.

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You’re welcome – as far as the other banners with the other promotions, I’m not sure. My guess is someone used the referral link and just copied, pasted and modified the accompanying text.

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