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I’m also a creator from Nigeria, to be honest, I was really missing out, Brave browser is one of the best browsers i will personally download, it do almost all the things i want in a browser, but as a content creator i doubted it a little in the beginning, maybe because it blocks ads which is good for me when I’m the visitor but somehow bad for me when someone is visiting my site through brave, but then I found out that they offer another way for content creators to still get something out of their hard work and that was the important reason that make me fall in love with Brave.
I am a web designer, blogger and Youtube creator one of my website is www shootoutnow dot com and my personal website is www tsquare07 dot website I wish all Africans support Brave in their fight for Privacy and Respect on the Internet, in fact I was campaigning about something close to this before I met Brave, I created a community because of this if you have the time you can check it bit dot ly/Tecnetwork but to cut things short I love Brave and it’s mission and I am ready to support it.
Please content creators we have to support ourselves, on this topic you can drop your links for other creators to take a look on you work, video or article. I will appreciate if many creators agree to this.


My website: https://www.shootoutnow.com
The community I mentioned above there is http://bit.ly/Tecnetwork
My personal website is https://www.tsquare07.website
Thank you all


Hey Tsquare07. I checked out your personal site. I think you might want to blog on Publish0x. You can get free BAT and get tipped in BAT for your blogging. I highly suggest checking it out. If you do post a blog there I’ll be sure to tip you!


Okay, I will give it a try, thanks for the information.

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I’m happy with all your contributions and hope for more support on this topic
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It is a two-edged sword! I think the BRAVE Browser is good, but since it blocks other ads, a site owner gets less revenue when visitors use BRAVE or don’t they?

We convinced the people at https://www.psynews.org to join BAT rewards. Maybe you wanna give it a look? Because I’m not 100% convinced it was a good thing that they joined … but what sense would it make not to join … BRAVE users come by the site either way, so why not register to be at least able to receive a little tip, if no revenue comes from the traditional ads…?

I am not personally involved in any profits going to that project btw