Lets get this party started


Hi, my name is lyub but you can call me crispysandwhich or just add me as a friend and call me lyub ahahah
I am a dude who is getting into code, dealing with life, a basic human trying to learn langues to complete his quests in life.
I like to eat a lot of food, sad music, technology, learning about computers, learning about coding, learning about building things.
like i said be my friend, dont got much, its hard to communicate and get help with mini projects that i wanna get my hands on.
i like to work hard and finesses sometimes but also like to take shortcuts from time to time.
Honestly dont really know how to introduce myself
but in other words hope to see you guys around in the forums and potentale meet new friends and enjoy learning?
see you guys around :slight_smile:


Hey dude welcome! Yo what languages you trying? I had some programming in University but since for some reason i did not enjoy coding i ended up going into Industrial Power Systems instead (fyi, we still having programming… just not as much). Also, why “sad music” hahaha like, specifically sad music or just music with the occasional sad songs hahaha


Welcome! Nice to have you as a part of the forum @crispysandwhich!


Getting into code, and dealing with life. Welcome.

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I am Bharat Bhardwaj. I’m working on localized UTF-8 based applications for the Hindi language, besides dealing with life.

You guys can see an example here: कबूतर. This is a social networking application with messaging, and blogging features as of now. We have integrated BAT Rewards into this and आग, an image sharing application.

Our goal is to make the internet reachable to populations who speak English as a second language, or don’t speak English at all.